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  • Shark June 2018

    Io Luda, my Final Fantasy XIV character. 9 hours, 49 minutes.
    Clip Studio Timelapse Video
  • Bloometh the Rose May 2018

    The gnath primal Ravana from Final Fantasy XIV. 45 hours, 25 minutes.
    Clip Studio Timelapse Video
  • Flames of Conquest May 2018

    The gnath primal Ravana from Final Fantasy XIV. Two plate linocut.
  • Overwatch Torbjorn April 2018

    My half of an art trade, featuring Torbjorn from Overwatch in his biker themed skin.
    Clip Studio
  • Tip Your Waitstaff March 2018

    Vassago Veren in casual attire, with a lesson for us all on his shirt.
  • Intercession January 2018

    Commission for Zanduril Starstorm, Leviathan Server FFXIV.
    Clip Studio Timelapse Video
  • Dreams are Made of Stars January 2018

    Limited pallate, 1 layer challange.
    Clip Studio Redbubble
  • [NO NEW MESSAGES] December 2017

    Clip Studio Timelapse Video
  • IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN November 2017

    FFXIV art featuring my character, and Chachamu Chamu from Leviathan server.
    Clip Studio Timelapse Video
  • VI October 2017

    Live model.
  • Get ready to go to the dungeon September 2017

    Pencils of my FFXIV catboy Io Luda getting ready to go adventuring.
  • Snack Time September 2017

    Catgirl Io Luda having a snack! Traditional lineart with digital colors.
    Clip Studio
  • dancer September 2017

    Pencils of Matenren dancing.
  • self/one March 2017

    self portrait.
    Clip Studio
  • Blue Diamond February 2017

    Blue Diamond from Steven Universe inspired by her depicted pose in season two episode 24 "It Could've Been Great."
    Clip Studio


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